Since 2010 we regularly schedule riding courses with Birgit Beck-Broichsitter, instructor of Ecole-de-Legereteto whose philosophy and orientation, I feel very connected. These courses are open to the public.

Since 2015 Anna Gabteni is our main riding instructor and carer of the horses. She has a graduate degree in Equine Culture and a Master’s in osteopathy, phsyiotherapy and the rehabilitation of horses.
She is a sensitive and experienced horse trainer and an excellent riding instructor. Of course, she regularly participates in training workshops and courses.


The goal of our lessons is to achieve a balanced mediation between the specific nature of the horse and the psycho- physio- motor of the individual rider. Riding is interacting with horses; it is a life long learning process, where the horse is the true master requiring that their riders be constantly involved in horse training and education. As such, I also continue to participate in training workshops and courses.


 Trail rides
 (per hour/per person)
  € 25,– 
 Individual riding lessons
 (30 min.)
  € 25,– 
 Activities for children,
 Trail rides on a lead
  € 120,– 
 Package of 5 activities  € 20,–
 Full day walks  € 100,–

Priority for equestrian tourism is given to our holiday clientes. Riding lessons and trail rides can be arranged. Because our horses are light, there is a rider weight limit of 85 kg. We have helmets available.

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