Along with the storks, which nest here in the cliffside, there are numerous varieties of bird species to be observed. Foxes, badgers and otters leave their mark on the sand dunes and with a bit of luck you might spot them. To see the brightest explosion of colour, plan your visit April to June while the flowers are in full bloom. The well marked trails of the „Rota Vicentina“ take hikers for a total of 400 km along the most beautiful and well preserved coast of southern Europe. The trail is divided into well documented segments.
For hikers, there is transportation available to and from other segments along the trail so that various segments can be done without having to change lodgings.


The vast dunes, which start a few minutes walk from the property, are ideal for long walks and hikes.
We are 200 m from the Rota Vicentina. Due to its interesting geological formations of escarpments and cliffs, its characteristic vegetation, and the biodiversity of its flora and fauna, this natural coastal landscape and ecological niche is probably unique in all of Europe

Hiking the Rota Vincentina trails