Trail rides are not just for experienced riders: as our horses are extremely docile, after 4-5 introductory lessons even complete beginners can go for guided trail rides.
Riding lessons are private and specifically adapted to the needs of the individual. Lessons are given in the ring or during trail rides.
Given that our horse are highly trained, advanced dressage lessons are also available.
For the little ones we have special fun lessons and walks along the trails on a lunge line.
With advanced planning we can also organise longer all day or overnight trail rides.


We have 9 horses of various breeds and ages available for riding. Our horses are friendly and trustworthy because they get good training and in keeping with their natural behavior, are maintained in a herd. You can enjoy beautiful trail rides along the cliffs in the dunes which start at the foot of the property.

Riding in the dunes or in the arena