Life at our ranch is a life in harmony with nature. We take an eco-responsible approach, the principles of sustainability and respect for nature are fundamental to our concept of holidays.
From the conception to the construction of our cottages and utility structures, we have been guided by ecologically sustainable and ethically correct principles.
This applies to the restoration of the older existing framed adobe building and the subsequent buildings done in the architectural style of the region. Predominately traditional building material was used, such as the caning for the ceiling and closet panels, which gives a charming rustic character to the cottages.
In addition the supply of water and energy needed to run the ranch is ecologically obtained. The drinking water that comes from our well is constantly monitored by the health department and is always sufficient for our needs.
Solar panels heat the water and a photovoltaic system generates electricity; there is an additional gas water heater incase of insufficient sun. The water is treated and returned to its natural cycle.
We only use organic and biodegradable detergents and cleaning products.


From left to right:
Walter, Ute, Anna is responsible for the care of the horses, Silvia keeps the apartments clean).
We are, Ute Gerhardt, riding teacher and instructor and Walter Bofenschen, urban planner. We have been living on the southwestern coast of Portugal since 1990.